Bodhi Surf + Yoga Success Story

Based on the Costa Rica coastline, in an area that remains relatively untouched by large-scale development, Bodhi Surf + Yoga promotes responsible tourism. Building on its strong track record of corporate responsibility as a Certified B Corporation, Bodhi recently chose NativeEnergy to offset its guests’ travel carbon footprint. How does offsetting help them to meet […]

how to measure a company's carbon footprint

Measuring Your Corporate Carbon Emissions

The threat of global climate change brings significant risks to businesses everywhere. The best way to tackle climate change, and protect your organization from the potential impacts, is to minimize your own carbon emissions. First, you need to know how much greenhouse gas your business creates – so how should you measure your corporate emissions? […]

Planning Emissions Reduction Goals

Have you measured your carbon footprint? Do you have a carbon emissions reduction target in place? In today’s interconnected world, it’s expected that all businesses measure and report their environmental impacts and goals. But having a target is just the beginning. Do you know how your organization will achieve your carbon reduction target? If you […]

scope 2 emissions

Reducing Scope 2 Emissions

When you set out to reduce your business carbon footprint, it seems logical to begin with Scope 1 emissions – those that you can control directly. However, some companies quickly find that they don’t actually emit much Scope 1 carbon, especially if they operate in an office-based services sector. Scope 2 emissions are quite a […]

economic impact of reducing carbon emissions

ROI on Progressive Carbon Offsetting

In the fast-moving corporate environment, business leaders are often looking for a quick return on their investment (ROI). Every dollar spent has to show a financial impact on the current year’s accounts. But spending on sustainability projects doesn’t always show immediate savings or an upturn in profitability. So how can organizations measure and report the […]

scope 1 emissions

Reducing Scope 1 Emissions

When you begin your journey towards sustainability and tackling carbon emissions, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is “How do I know if my emissions are Scope 1, 2 or 3?” So let’s start with Scope 1: What does it mean and how can you categorize your business emissions correctly? What Are […]