CORSIA-Plane and Simple

With air transport accounting for 2% of global man-made CO2 emissions1,  the aviation industry has recognized its need to address global climate change. In 2017 alone, civil aviation emitted around 859 million tonnes of CO21.  In order to help mitigate CO2 emissions, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) first approved CORSIA in 2016 and on June […]

Bodhi Surf + Yoga Success Story

Based on the Costa Rica coastline, in an area that remains relatively untouched by large-scale development, Bodhi Surf + Yoga promotes responsible tourism. Building on its strong track record of corporate responsibility as a Certified B Corporation, Bodhi recently chose NativeEnergy to offset its guests’ travel carbon footprint. How does offsetting help them to meet […]

eileen fisher responsibility

Eileen Fisher’s Corporate Social Responsibility Success Story

For Eileen Fisher, an ethical clothing manufacturer, corporate social responsibility has always been an important part of doing business. As a part of their Social Consciousness approach to corporate social responsibility, Eileen Fisher has partnered with NativeEnergy to reduce their carbon footprint and bring renewable energy to communities across the country. Eileen Fisher’s Corporate Social Responsibility […]

aveda social responsibility

Aveda’s Inspiring Social Responsibility Success Story

Aveda, one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies, has taken on ambitious social responsibility goals. They aim to promote environmental leadership and responsibility by focusing on renewable energy and environmental safety. With the help of carbon offset initiatives like the Greensburg Wind Farms project, they have taken major steps towards achieving their corporate social responsibility goals and […]