• The Blake's Red Angus and Black Angus cattle backed by the Crazy Mountains.
    Montana Improved Grazing ProjectHB
  • solar
    Forest City Solar ProjectHB

    Project Type: Renewable Energy- New Renewables Portfolio Location: Forest City, Winnebago County, Iowa Year: 2019 Standard: Green-e Impact: Electrical production of ~6,000 MWh/year Beneficiaries: Butter Solar, LLC Project Description The Forest City Solar Project, owned by Butter Solar, LLC, is the first project to be developed for NativeEnergy’s New Renewables Portfolio. The Portfolio is designed to enable renewable energy buyers […]

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    Jagers Ranch Grasslands ConservationHB

    Project Type: Biodiversity & Wildlife Protection, Carbon Sequestration Project Structure: Help BuildTM Location: Bent County, Colorado Year: 2019 Standard: Climate Action Reserve Grassland Protocol Climate Impact: 96,000 tonnes CO2e Area: 6,900 acres in Colorado The Issue Grasslands store one-third of the Earth’s carbon, and just one acre of grassland can store an estimated 200 tonnes of carbon or more. Yet, […]

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    Honduras Coffee Growers Clean Water ProjectHB
  • IMG_1350
    Northern Kenya Improved Grasslands ProjectHB

    Project Type: Soil Carbon Sequestration Location: Savanna grassland from Mt. Kenya towards the Ethiopia border Year: 2017 Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCB Standards) Area: > 1 million hectares In many of Kenya’s rural communities, wildlife and people coexist —sharing the resources that feed them as well as Kenya’s tourism […]

  • tanzania
    REDD in the Yaeda ValleyHB

    Carbon Project Type: Reduced Emissions from Deforestation Location: Yaeda Valley, Tanzania Standard: Plan Vivo This project improves the livelihoods of hunter-gatherer Hadza (or Hadzabe) and pastoralist communities in Mongo Wa Mono and Domanga villages, Northern Tanzania – an area recognized for high biodiversity and home to elephants, kudu, impala and many other animals. In recent […]

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    Indiana School Wind Project: Phase II HB
  • mayranch
    May Ranch Avoided Grassland Conversion Project
  • capricorn
    Capricorn Ridge Wind Project
  • bigsmile3
    Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge