Farmer-Owned Distributed WindHB

NativeEnergy helped farmers in Minnesota and South Dakota install revenue-generating wind turbines.

NativeEnergy works closely with wind developers to support the sale and installation of farmer-owned and community-based 40 kW and larger distributed wind turbines.

With upfront funding from NativeEnergy reducing turbine costs to an acceptable level, these turbines help farmers reduce their long-term electricity costs and help stabilize the electric grid with distributed, small-scale power generation.

NativeEnergy helped build 26 turbines from 2006-2009.

Sustainable Development Benefits

  • Projected to reduce 35,858 metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution
  • Replaces polluting grid-based electricity with renewable energy
  • Helps stabilize the electric grid with distributed, small-scale power generation
  • Provides an important source of income to family farms

Project Participants

This project is a collaboration between the Midwestern farmers, NativeEnergy, and the turbine vendors.

Validation and Verification

This project’s emissions reductions are calculated using the Climate Neutral Network’s methodology. A random sample of the turbines’ electricity output is third-party verified each year.

Financial Additionality

This project meets NativeEnergy’s stringent additionality criteria, as our funding was necessary to the project’s implementation.