Gansu Anxi Wind Farm

Carbon Project Type: Wind
Location: Anxi District, Gansu Province, China
Offset Type: 2009 Vintage Gold Standard VERs
Volume: 225,116 metric tons
Standard: Gold Standard
Capacity: 100.5 MW

The primary objective of the project is to generate renewable electricity to meet the ever-increasing demand in the Gansu Grid and Northwest China Grid (NWCG).

Total installed capacity is 100.5 MW, consisting of (137) 750 kW wind turbines. The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by displacing part of the electricity generated by fossil fuel-fired power plants in the NWCG with zero emissions electricity. The estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions reductions are 225,116 tCO2e during the first crediting period.

Sustainable Development Benefits

The project will contribute to the sustainable development of the local community and the host country by:

  • Supplying reliable, zero-emitting renewable energy to NWCG
  • Saving coal and water resources and improving the local energy infrastructure
  • Increasing local incomes and providing more than 30 permanent job opportunities
  • Improving human and institutional capacity, donating money to local “Hope School”
  • Contributing to the local social and economic development
  • Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel fired power plants, particularly the emission of SOx, NOx and dust

Project Participants

This project is managed by the Gansu Anxi Wind Farm Project. Validation and Verification will be carried out by Camco International Limited upon commissioning by Gansu China Power Jiuquan Wind Power Company Limited. Power output is purchased by Gansu Electric Power Corp.

Validation and Verification

The project is currently under Registration Review by the Gold Standard Committee and validation is expected by year-end 2009.  VERs generated by the Gansu Anxi Wind Farm will be verified to the Gold Standard.

Financial Additionality

The project demonstrates financial additionality according to UNFCCC definitions.